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Anytime is a Good Time for Nirvana

Looking to achieve a state of caffeinated bliss? Well, search no more because Dunn Brothers is your source of Nirvana. Our Nirvana drinks are artfully crafted concoctions of pure caffeine happiness that you can’t find anywhere else. Allow us to introduce you to all three mouthwatering choices: If you can’t seem to resist the combination […]

Featured Artist Carol Hoyem

Carol Hoyem, Artist Statement “Every picture tells a story.” This old saying puts into words what I strive to accomplish in my travel photography. I make pictures to tell stories about the lives of the people I encounter in my travels. Most of my travel photography is street photography, candid photos of people in the […]

Artist of the Month: Tawnee Geller

Come check out our local artist of the month, Tawnee Geller! Her paintings will only be up for another two weeks. Here is her Artist Statement: “Apophenia is the spontaneous perception of connections and meaningfulness of random phenomena. I am incredibly fascinated by astronomy, and the universe is vast, as is our imagination. In turn, […]

Why Small Batch Roasting Makes a Difference

We pride ourselves in sourcing the best coffees in the world. But here at the Bemidji Dunn Brothers, we know that the quality of the bean counts for nothing if it’s not roasted correctly. That’s because beans develop their aroma and flavor during the roasting process. The heat spurs complex chemical reactions in which proteins […]

Mothers Day Special – Buy a $25 Gift Card and get a $5 Gift Card FREE

Want to give your mom her favorite gift on Mother’s Day? Then be sure to give her the gift of Dunn Brothers Coffee (and get a little something extra for yourself). Offer valid May 4th – 10th, 2015 only. Limit 2 per transaction. Gift cards accepted at participating locations.

Group Ordering for Your Next Meeting or Event

Did you know that we offer group ordering at our Bemidji shop? We offer Joe-to-Go that serves 8-10 people, a 2.5 gallon coffee cambro that serves 25 people, or even a 5 gallon coffee cambro that serves 50 people! Looking for food items as well? A box lunch is the perfect choice. Choose from the […]

Last Chance for Tanzania Peaberry

Our bean of the month for March will soon be gone! Don’t miss your chance to stop in to our Bemidji shop and pick up a pound of the Tanzania Peaberry Kiboko before it is gone!